Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Forecast Calls For Largest Wave of Hotel Foreclosures in History

Most agreed during Janaury 2010's ALIS Conference that looming somewhere out there is a Perfect Storm that will bring down upon the hotel indsurty the largest wave of foreclosures in modern history.

The following are few condtions that make a Perfect Storm possible:

  1. No end in site of downturn economy = continued depression of occupancy and especially ADR
    Over $100 million a day in hotels going into default
  2. Lenders reluctant to foreclose on assets because of concern of placing bad debt on their balance sheets
  3. Only active buyers in market are vultures
  4. Those who do wish to buy one off deals face high cost of money
  5. Traditional debt hard to find, high debt/equity ratio
  6. Difficulty valuing assets on trailing 12 or 24


  1. Has your asset or management team ever sailed safely through a gale force 6 storm?
  2. Are you certain the Captain of your ship has every hatch battened down and rope secured for rough seas ahead?
  3. Is the Coast Guard Ship "Hotel Receiver" on its way to save you and your cargo?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions I suggest you pop a flare so I can arrange to have R&R Global deploy our Rescue Task Force Signature Partners and save your asset. For a "Free Life Vest" fitting contact: Russ Dazzio Chairman R&R Global Hosptiality (626) 792.0749 Direct (626) 695.7736 Cell rdazzio@rr-global.com

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hotel Receiver & Management Consortium Formed to Rescue Assets

R&R Global Interviewed By WSJ for Hotel Receiver Story

I recently had the opportunity on behalf of R&R Global Hospitality to be quoted in the Wall Street Journal for the article they were writing on “Hotel Receivers Face Long Stay -- and Rich Rewards”.

It was a very timely piece since we see lenders and special servicers are growing more dependent on receivers and management companies with special skill sets to solve how to deal with "Distressed Assets" on their watch lists.

It was for this reason R&R Global formed several months ago the R&R Global Hotel Rescue Management and Receiver Consortium. Each of our Consortium members were selected to address the needs of "Distressed Assets" specific to the space they occupy in our industry. The R&R Global Consortium allows our members to use our expertise in managing receivership's and foreclosed assets, and, we in turn can use their specialized management expertise to serve any classification of hospitality asset we are presented. This eliminates the need for receivers, lenders and special servicers to deal with more than one company, one contact and multiple agreements, something no one in our industry has the ability to do presently. As expected our Consortium is starting to get warmly received.

We have taken the full service aspect of our Consortium even further by arranging strategic alliances with highly experienced Receivers in all regions of the U.S., which gives us the ability to recommend to our clients Receivers located from "Coast to Coast" we have had a prior relationships with.

Our current Consortium member roster includes the following “Best in Class” Management Companies, Soft Brand and Receivers:

-R&R Global - Consortium Quarterback, Luxury / Upscale Full Service
-Broughton Hospitality - Boutique / Independent
-Epic Gaming - Casino / Casino Resorts
-GoodManagment - Wholly Owned Condo / Condo Hotel / Fractional
-Preferred Hotels & Resorts - Luxury / Upscale Full Service & Boutique*
-WTS International - Spa Management

We are in discussions with a full service "big box" operator who I expect to add to our Consortium shortly.

*R&R Global is working hand in hand under special conditions arrangement with Preferred for assignments requiring a soft brand partner for upscale full service and boutique hotels, resorts and private residences. They in turn are using us to assist their clients requiring management.

Please feel free to contact me at
rdazzio@rr-global.com or at 626-695-7736 for further information about the R&R Global Hotel Rescue Management and Receiver Consortium.

Russell Dazzio Co-Chairman R&R Global Hospitality 1050 E. Flamingo Rd , Suite W356 Las Vegas, NV Direct: 626-792-0749 Cell: 626-695-7736 rdazzio@rr-global.com www.rr-global.com

Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome to R&R Global Hospitality

Unprecedented Services

R&R Global’s ability to provide a full spectrum of receivership, consulting, property management and asset management services under one roof is UNPRECEDENTED and UNPARALLELED. We have over 200 years combined experience specific to mixed use developments, hotels, resorts, condos, casinos, vacation ownership and fractional. Our team has worked in 34 countries and 47 states, but most importantly, our capacity to provide this level of comprehensive coverage means no coordinating multiple companies and no duplication of fees.